2024-01-27 16:55

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NEBOSH – Launches New Health & Safety Pocket Guide Range

Dave Joyce, CWU's National Health, Safety, and Environmental Officer has issued a letter to all union branches (LTB037/24) and their Union Safety Reps; advising them of an excellent resouce available from the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH):

image: Dave JoyceNEBOSH, the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health is a UK-based independent examination board delivering vocational qualifications in health, safety and environmental practice and management. NEBOSH has launched its latest ‘Pocket Guide’ book range which will be of interest to Health and Safety Representatives as useful resources.

The Quick Reference Guides are:

1 Guide to Risk Assessment
2 Guide to Risk Profiling and
3 Guide to Auditing for Health and Safety

The Risk Assessment short, pocket-sized guide is designed as a quick reference tool for those Safety Reps involved in assessing risk in the workplace. It contains the key elements of the risk assessment process along with guidance on what to include and consider.

This Risk Profiling short, pocket-sized guide is designed as a quick reference resource for individuals engaged in risk profiling for organisations, encompassing leaders and health and safety professionals. The guide includes the key stages of the risk profiling process, summaries of useful tools and models and an example risk register.

The third and latest to be published, the ‘Guide to Auditing’ Health and Safety, in the pocket guides series, builds on the information previously published in the ‘Quick Reference guides’ to‘Risk Assessment’ and ‘Risk Profiling.’

These new quick reference pocket guides are designed to serve as a valuable resource for individuals engaged with undertaking risk assessment and safety and health auditing to determine whether appropriate health and safety management systems are in place and that suitable risk control systems and workplace precautions are being implemented.

Likewise, they will serve as a valuable resource to union health and safety reps when carrying out workplace health and safety inspections, checking on legal compliance and whether a safe place of work, safe system of work, safe plant and equipment and adequate safety information, instruction, supervision and training are in place and fit for purpose.

The health and safety pocket-sized auditing guide covers what auditing is and the different types of audits, information on performance evaluation and how auditing can contribute to continual improvement.

It’s designed as a quick reference resource for individuals engaged in auditing for health and safety and focuses on the six key stages of the audit process, including some useful tips and examples to help the reader participate in a successful audit with information on the different types of audit.

As well as those who conduct health and safety audits, this quick reference guide is also a useful tool for anyone who has responsibility for health and safety in the workplace.

Health and safety audits play a crucial role in the effective management of health and safety in the workplace. This NEBOSH guide will support readers through the process and help them to effectively plan and carry out an audit or inspection. The pocket-sized guides are a great reference resource to support individuals who need a quick refresh of a topic and are looking for something in a simple format that can be quickly skimmed through when needed.

The NEBOSH Quick Reference Pocket Guides are available in print (£10) and eBook (£8) from the NEBOSH online shop here

Source: CWU

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