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Heat Strike On-Line Event Takes Place 12th June

The UK does not have a maximum temperature level with regard to workplaces, be that indoors, or outside.

Now with the Climate Change causing higher temperatures, plus the majority of UK workplaces do not have air conditioning; the health risks from working in high temperatures are becoming severe, and will increase the risks to pregnant women, the elderly, young children and to those with long-term health conditions such as asthma and other respiratory conditions.

For many years successive governments have ignored Trade Union calls for new legislation that will protect workers from excessive heat.

Next week, there will be an on-line event that all are welcome to attend.

Speakers include:

  • Shelly Asquith - Health, Safety & Wellbeing Officer at the TUC 
  • Sebastiano Calleri - National coordinator of Health & Safety in the workplace for the italian Trade Union CGIL
  • Zarah Sultana MP

The importance of setting a national maximum working temperature in the UK as well as the experience of Italian workers in demanding a heat wave furlough scheme, will be discussed.

Heat at work is increasingly becoming a problem because of the Climate Crisis and it is important workplace reps, Health & Safety reps and their unions build alliances with the Climate Justice movement. 

With the general election taking place on 4th July, workers' demands must be on the agenda, join Heat Strike Rally: workplace temperature & Climate Justice.

For more background on the Heat Strike, check out our model motion and resource pack

If you missed it, you can watch the online session about Heat Strike we ran last month.

image: HeatStrike Leaflet

Source: Clara Paillard


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