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Paul Weller An Icon Of The Anti-Establishment in '80s Hits Out At Politicians Over NHS And Gaza

Paul Weller, 80s lead singer of The Jam and later the Style Council, and with an illustrious career in music to this day; has spoken out against the corruption in politics, the Labour leader, the privatisation of the NHS, and on the sale of arms by the uk to Israel.

Interviewed by Amanda Sawyer of The Guardian, he spoke of the“corruptness and cronyism, and the lies and deceipt” he sees in most UK politicians, saying:

“They’re supposed to be your betters, your leaders. But they’ve been selling off the periphery of the NHS for years and let it fall into disrepair, and it’s going to get eaten away and eaten away until it’s off their hands, and it’s all privatised.

image: click to read full interviewAnd that’s one of our crown jewels, the NHS. It’s supposed to be ours, we all pay for it. It’s a total piss-take... People are getting to that point where they think, ‘You’ve just got to do it for yourself.’ Whether that’s a revolution or not, I don’t know.”

In the interview, ostensibly about his new music album, '66' which is his 17th solo album; he was asked about his views on the UK and how it differs from when he began his musical journey.

He said he can’t see much difference between the parties:

“You can either vote for Rishi Sunak’s Tory party, or you can vote for Keir Starmer’s Tory party.”

He probably won’t vote at all, he added although he does like Angela Rayner for being a "a normal working-class mum.”

He also makes it clear in his gigs too, that he is against the 'genocide' going on in Gaza, and always has a Palestinian flag present on stage to show his support for the Palestinian victims of the war.

“Am I against genocides and ethnic cleansing? Yes, I am, funnily enough,” he says. “I can’t understand why more people aren’t up in arms about what’s going on. We should be ashamed of ourselves, I think. One minute you’re supplying bullets and bombs and guns, and then you’re sending over food. How does that work?”

You can read Weller's full interview with The Guardian Newspaper by clicking on the image above.

Source:The Guardian

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