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CWU’s National H&SE Officer Dave Joyce To Retire

Final Farewell UK Tour Dates

CWU's longest serving national Health, Safety, and Environment Officer, Dave Joyce, will be retiring soon after the Union's Annual Conference in April.

Dave's tireless and dedicated work has given the CWU one of the highest profile trade unions within the TUC, and the wider H&S communities in the UK, including the HSE.

His campaign work on Acoustic Shock, Low Level Letterboxes, and Dangerous Dogs also amplified the Union's voice politically, with Dave being appointed to give evidence to the Scottish Parliament's committee looking into laws regarding Dangerous Dog ownership.

Dave's support for all CWU H&S Committees around Britain was unequalled, as he was always approachable and never denied USRs and H&S Officers direct access to his knowledge, experience, and advice.

Now as the Union's Health & Safety priorities is being downsized, Dave's retiring will leave a big hole in the CWU's strategy and structures around Health and Safety.

One of Dave's last national event he attended was the recent on-line meeting with himself and the CWU GS, Dave Ward to present to CWU safety reps and safety committees members the new plans for the Union with regards to the need to downsize its structures and close down departments, including that of the Health & Safety Dept at CWU HQ.

Last Week, writing to all CWU Branches, Dave provided the details of his 'Farewell Tour' of the Union's Regional H&S Committees and the last few dates of his visits:

"As you’ll know, I’ll be retiring in the near future, on a day to be fixed with the G/S, after CWU Conference which will be my last one, having never missed one in my career.

I’m currently touring the UK, visiting all ten CWU Regional Health and Safety Sub-Committees to say farewell to all the ASRs/USRs that I’ve worked closely with over the last 30 years that I’ve been at CWU HQ, 8 years as an NEC/PEC Member and Chair of the NEC Health, Safety and Environment Committee and 21 years as National Health, Safety and Environment Officer.

Secondly and importantly the tour is to talk to you all about CWU Health and Safety reorganisation/redesign before the final decisions are made in the near future at CWU Conference.

Thirdly to give a final report on current key health, safety and environment issues.

The plan is for me to visit all 10 of the CWU Regional Health and Safety Sub-Committees.

Having now completed 6 tour date meetings in York(NE), Exeter(SW), Liverpool(NW), Basingstoke(SE), Stoke(Mids) and Cardiff(Wales), I would like to thank all those who attended the excellent meetings, the great response, the hospitality and many, many kind words and gifts.  

The tour so far has been going very well with some good attendances.

As the Farewell Tour draws towards a conclusion, if there are any ASRs/USRs who were unable to get to their Regional meeting, here are the remaining dates which you may want to attend if you can get there.

20 March    – Leeds(NE)            
21 March     - Stevenage (East)
3 April        – Central London        
9 April        – Edinburgh (Scotland)

I very much look forward to meeting all who can attend."

Source: unionsafety / Dave Joyce / CWU / John Southwell Liverpool Event Photo

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