2024-03-28 16:10

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Dave Joyce Reminds CWU Of Need To Repair Tory Damage To Health & Safety At Work Act

The CWU is about to go through major changes, including the abolition of the Health, Safety & Environment Department and the loss of a national officer for health & safety.

Dave Joyce is retiring, and his role will no longer exist.

Currently visiting all of the CWU's Regional Health & Safety Committees and their ASR/USR activists, Dave gave a warning that the Union must lobby hard for the Labour Party when it is next in Government; to amend the Health & Safety At Work Act 1974 in order to repair the damage done to the rights of working people.

Specifically, to amend Clause 47 which the Tories destroyed by taking away the rights of workers who are harmed at work to take civil action against the employer responsible with penalties up to and including prison sentencing in the event they are found guilty.

There is now no right to do this since the Tories removed the rights from Clause 47 of the Act. This was done by the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013.

Here Dave explains to the small Leeds gathering:

Dave also mentioned an excellent report by Professor Steve Tombs entitled 'Better Regulation: Better For Whom?' which he brought out in April 2016.

His report has been available to read and/or download from the Unionsafety E-Library ever since. Click on the image below or go to the E-Library to find it and other documents relating to health & safety at work.

image: Click to download BEtter Regulation; Better For Who

Source: Unionsafety / Chris Ingram


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