2024-04-08 13:11

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The Israeli Women, Children, And Men Who Blockade Humanitarian Aid From Entering Gaza

Genocide is being helped in Gaza by ordinary Israeli civilians, accompanied by the Israeli Defence Force, as they stop trucks with humanitarian aid from entering Gaza. Calling all Palestinian, Nazis, they indoctrinate their children in the same way Hitler's Nazis did to believe that all Gazans are terrorists and should be killed!

A Grayzone news journalist embedded himself in civilian groups dedicated to stopping ALL humanitarian Aid from being delivered to Gaza, and has produced a shocking video of the groups activity at one crossing into Gaza where aid trucks are supposed to be allowed to cross into Gaza.

Supported by the Israeli Defence Force, these groups made up of illegal Israeli settlers, their families including their children, stand at the crossings to ensure that aid is not able to go through into Gaza; giving the IDF an excuse to close the border crossing because Israeli civilians are at the border.

They also aggressively shout at the truck drivers in order to intimidate them into turning around.

In the video, Israelis claim there is no starvation at all in Gaza, it is all being faked and made up by the 'Nazi' Palestinians.

History shows that Hitler and his Nazis turned parts of Poland into Ghettos where Jews were walled up and controlled, with food and water being limited to the point of starvation, before the Ghettos were destroyed along with the Jews inside.

They say if you don't know your history, it will repeat itself.

Well, despite all Israeli children being rightfully told about the Holocaust, it seems that history can repeat itself despite the knowledge of inhumanity being done to one nation.

The descendants of the persecuted and murdered by Nazi Germany, are now using the same tactics of genocide against Palestinians in both Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

Here is the video news report by Grayzone journalist,

It is time that our politicians watched this and realised that racism and fascism is a serious problem for Israel and always has been, when it comes to policies and attitudes to all Palestinians, whether they live in Gaza, the occupied West Bank; or even living abroad. In the UK, the British media remains pro-Israel, no matter what they do, or how they break international law.

Source: Grayzone / YouTube

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