2024-05-17 16:03

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CWU Grter Mersey Amal Area Safety Rep And MHFA Trainer Interview With CWU Live

Jamie McGovern Area Safety Rep from CWU Grter Mersey Amal Branch, is well known in the Postal Constituency of the Union, for the work he is doing raising awareness of Mental Health and Suicide prevention.

Further, in 2022, Jamie was awarded the TUC Safety Rep of The Year prize for the workd he has done on both Mental Health and on Dangerous Dogs; adding to the number of acolades won by the CWU Safety Reps in the past. This included the Unions National Officer for H&S, Dave Joyce.

He is well respected nationally within the CWU H&S community, and now in Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, Jamie is interviewed in this week's CWU TV episode, broadcast yesterday 16th May 2024.

Here you can watch the interview:

Source: CWU Live

Pic: Bak to News icon link

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