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Hazards Magazine - The Unique Source Of Information For All USRs

The Hazards magazine is the most authoritative and specialist magazine detailing Health & Safety at work issues and campaigns in the whole of the UK. It is world renowned for its quality and principled reporting and campaigning.

This is especially true of its News section, given the demise of the TUC's Risk Newsletter, and the closing down of the CWU's Health, Safety, and Environment Dept leaving their USRs without a national officer in charge of H&S, and no one responsible for campaigning on H&S issues.

As the UK's only organisation which supports USRs and promotes campaigns, and more importantly actual science-based facts regarding issue such as Air Pollution, Climate Change, Clean Air at work and in Schools, and in the wider environment, personal protective equipment in relation to traffic fumes, air-born hazards e.g. industrial waste, Covid and much more; it is imperative that enough funding is available to Hazards Campaign in order for it to continue.

Unionsafety supports Hazards magazine and will focus on the work it is doing and on the H&S Campaigns it is involved with, e.g. FACK and TUCAN.

Their quarterly magazine is akin to the 'USRs Bible' aka 'The Brown Book' which details the Safety Reps and Safety Committees Regulations 1978; not just in terms of support for the legislation, but on the everyday issues across all working environments, Union Safety Reps and safety specialists are having to deal; with climate change being the greatest threat.

More importantly, it is also the only authoritative organisation calling out the HSE for its total lack of H&S enforcement, has totally independent editorial content and is edited by world renowned award winning journalist and professor with a background in science and occupational health - Rory O'Neill.

Professor Rory O'Neill has worked for national TV and radio broadcasters in the UK and Denmark, national newspapers, trade union journals and specialist magazines, and has worked for international organisations including the International Labour Organisation and global labour unions, and done press work at events like the UN's Commission for Sustainable Development. He is health, safety and labour standards adviser to the Brussels-based International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

He is a professor at Queen Mary University of London Department of Law specialising in occupational health and social justice, having previously been professor of occupational health at Liverpool University School of Law and Stirling University's Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Research Group, where he remains a member of the research group.

With such an illustrious record, readers of Hazards Magazine can be sure they are reading authentic and authoritative news and articles that matter to all working people across the globe.

Hazards Magazine is available to subscribe to here or by clicking on the image of the magazine cover below.

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The latest quarterly edition of the Hazards Magazine deals with these H&S issues:


They are there to protect you from everything from drop dead poisons to delayed death carcinogens. But while Europe's workers have benefited from a succession of tighter standards since Brexit took effect in 2020, not a single more protective workplace exposure limit has been introduced in Britain.

Pages 8-9


Engineered stone kitchen countertops look good and cost less. But there's a catch. The workers making them are being struck at frightening speed by lung destroying silicosis. The UK government insists "nobody" has been harmed. But a hospital lung specialist is telling a different story.

Pages 10-11


A suicide in a hospital. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecutes a health board on criminal charges under health and safety law. So, why does the workplace safety regulator see a crime when a patient dies, but not when the same safety mismanagement leads to a hospital worker taking her own life?

Pages 28-29


Hot. cold. wet and wild. The weather is getting more unpredictable and more extreme.

In a Workers' Memorial Day special guide. Hazards looks at the new risks emerging as a result of the climate crisis.

Pages 24-27

Hazardous substances. pages 14-15

News In Brief. pages 16-19

Harassment. pages 20-21

Violence. pages 22-23

Mental Health. pages 30-31

Work and health. pages 34-35

Deadly Business. pages 36-37

International News. pages42-45

Source: Hazards Campaign

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