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Urgent Safety Warning BSR Cabinets Not To Be Shared Outside BT

Dave Joyce, CWU National Health, Safety & Environment Officer has issued 1st December, an Urgent Safety Information bulletin for cascading to Field Engineers regarding the use of BSR Cabinets. LTB1059/09 refers.

Asafety hazard was recently identified and raised by a USR concerning the installation and power safety issues of Updata racks which Updata has recently installed in certain exchanges. The electrical hazard relates to an exposed live -50V DC power system busbar within the Updata provided BSR cabinet.

Following extensive investigations and surveys Openreach have identified a total of 50 LLU equipment cabinets in which there is an exposed and live -48V DC and in the interests of safety, Openreach have now issued the attached Safety Notice identifying the location of the 50 sites and instructing people not to undertake circuit provision or repair work within the Updata equipment cabinets at the remaining 50 named locations listed until such time as Openreach has received electrical safety test certification from Updata.

We would ask that all Branches that have a site identified within their area to ensure that the safety notice is cascaded to all relevant engineers that may possibly have the need to work on the cabinets identified and the TFS H&S committee would also like to thank the South Devon and Cornwall Branch for their awareness in raising this issue nationally.


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