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CWU Writes To Royal Mail And Government Over Covid-19 Responses

Public Urged To Treat High Street Pharmacy Teams With Respect

Ulster Surgeon Speaks Of  Difficult Decisions Having To Be Made Due To Covid-19

Call For Resignation Of NHS Board Over Covid-19 National Scandal

CWU Urges BT To Protect Employees By Implementing Covid-19 Government
And Public Health Advice

Death Rates For Intensive Care Covid-19 Patients Is
Astonishing 50 Per Cent!

New Symptom Tracking App Aims To Slow Spread Of Coronavirus

UK Gov Insist On Trade Talks With US Despite Covid-19
Prompts Trade Justice Movement Action

Government Refused To Stockpile PPE For NHS Staff On Grounds Of Cost

UK Refuses EU Help To Quickly Obtain PPE And Ventilators Due To Gov’s Brexit Dogma

Decisions About Who Lives And Dies Made By Stretched NHS Workers To Become The Norm?

CWU Telcoms And Financial Services Coronavirus Covid-19 – My Rights At Work

CWU's General Secretary Sends Personal Message To Members Classed As Essential Workers

Government Issues 'Minimum' Standards For Ventilators For 'One-Day' Use

Government Issue Warning About Unreliable And Illegal
Coronavirus (Covid-19) Test Kits

Will The Death Of A 21 Yr Old Woman By Covid-19 Be Wake Up Call For
Young People In Fight To Stop It Spreading?

NEW Covid-19 Rescouce Pages Available From Today 24th March

Scotland’s First Minister Address To Media 23rd March

The State Of The NHS And Policy Of Ignoring Clinicians Is About To Cost Lives
Of NHS Workers

Fit And Healthy 29-Year-Old Infected With Coronavirus Issues Warning To Others

Nurses Wearing Bin Bags As PPE Shows The State Of The NHS In Covid-19 Hit UK

NHS Workers Share Powerful Photos Of Their Bruised Faces After Long Shifts

Workplace Mood Has Changed Since Covid-19 Hit The UK Says CWU Safety Rep

Isle Of Man Becomes First Place In UK To Arrest A Person Refusing To Self-Isolate

Despite Boris Johnsons Claim To Beat Covid-19 In 3 Months, UK Has
One Of The Highest Death Rates In The World

Government Aims To Increase Testing For Coronavirus (COVID-19) To 25,000 A
Day For Hospital Patients

Hazards Campaign Issues Covid-19 Briefing Regarding Workplace Safety

Government Publishes Proposed Coronavirus Bill Details

British Government Covid19 Response Based Not On Science
But On Lack Of Resources

British Government Defends Donald Trump's Handling Of The Covid-19 Virus

Our Mental Health Is Also At Risk From The Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Boris Johnson Lowers Care Homes And Mental Health Hospitals Staffing
Levels In New Laws To Last 2 Years

CWU Issues Coronavirus (COVID-19) NHS Updated Advice For The Public
As Of Today 13 March 2020

This Coronavirus (Covid-19) Phishing Campaign Targets Taxpayers

International Workers’ Memorial Day, 28 April 2020: ‘Fighting For Hearts And Minds’

COVID-19: IFRC, UNICEF And WHO Issue Guidance To Protect Children And
Support Safe School Operations

Virus Expert Accused Of Causing Coronavirus Panic But Now Italian Doctor Says Stop Liking It To Flu

First Royal Mail Group Employee And CWU Member, Positive Test, Corona Virus Victim

On International Women’s Day 2020 Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Coronavirus Causing Infection Of Selfish Panic Buying Could Increase Infections
And Deaths

Coronavirus (Covid - 19) Key Points Advice From NW BT Unions H&S Co-ord

Is The NHS Really Up To Tackling The Coronavirus (Covid-19)
After 10 Years Of Neglect?

WHO Finally Characterises COVID-19 As A pandemic

Cross-Party Group Warns Government Must Act To Prevent ‘Next Asbestos’ Taking More Lives In UK

Coronavirus Highlights The Inadequacy Of UK's Sick Pay Legislation - Lowest In Europe

Basic Protective Measures Against Coronavirus (Covid-19)

TUC Letter Calls On Government To Tackle Coronavirus With Immediate #Sickpayforall

Government Launches Coronavirus (Covid-19) Action Plan For The UK

TUC Calls On Employers And Government To Support Workers Affected By Coronavirus

The Domestic Abuse Bill Returns To Parliament Today 3rd March 2020

Beware Of Criminals Pretending To Be From World Health Organisation

Is Your Workplace Ready For The Coronavirus Outbreak Governments Warn About?

CWU Latest LTB On Covid-19 Issued (LTB098/2020)

EU Raises Corona Infection Risk To High Whilst UK Advises Citizens To Wash Hands

Policy Documents on both EU/UK FTA And UK/EU FTA
Now Downloadable From E-Library

TUC – UK Shouldn’t Trust Trump On Trade Talks

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