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NHS Privatisation News Archive

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June '21

Matt Hancock Instructs GP’s To Hand Over Your Private Medical Records

NUJ Condemns Government Legislation Allowing Private Healthcare Companies On ICS Boards

May '21

Patients Take Legal Action Against American Health Insurance Company
Take-Over Of Their GP Practises

Queens Speech 11th May 2021 Promises Legislation To Abolish The NHS

Architect Of NHS Transformation To The American Integrated Care Systems Model
Quits As NHS Head In July

All NHS Imaging Services To Be Privatised By Order Of NHS England

April '21

The Abolition Of The NHS And Introduction Of Insurance Based Healthcare In England

Our NHS Is Being Abolished Now!

March '21

Labour MP Wirral West Tables EDM Highlighting Tory NHS Privatisation Plans

Privatisation Of NHS England Boost As Top US Healthcare CEO Hired

US Healthcare Companies Gaining Further Hold On GP NHS Contracts

Break-up OF NHS England Into 42 Integrated Care Systems Completed Announces Stevens

February '21

CWU Responds To NHS England Breakup Consultation Document With Condemnation

January '21

National Pensioners Convention Lambasts Break-Up Of NHS Into Integrated Care Systems Consultation As A “Meaningless Exercise”

December '20

Covid Excuse For Johnson's Secret Task Force Of Private Healthcare Heads To Re-Organise The NHS

Government Employs US Tech Firms To Play Long Term Role In NHS Privatisation

Public Consultation On The Immediate Future Of The NHS NOT Announced!

November '20

Johnson’s Secret NHS Task Force Headed By Anti-NHS Policy Head Revealed

Sepetember '20

NHS To Be Replaced By Regional Integrated Care Organisations From April 2021

August '20

Breakdown Of Leaked Documents Betray Fact That NHS Is Well And Truly 'On The Table'
Despite Trump's Denial

April '20

Is PHE England's Downgrading Of PPE Policy Copied From US Healthcare Company?

December '19

Breakdown Of Leaked Documents Betray Fact That NHS Is Well And Truly 'On The Table' Despite Trump's Denial

Labour Attacks Tory NHS Privatisation Costing 120,000 Deaths!

November '19

Leaked Trade Papers Show NHS, Chlorinated Chicken Already On Table In US Trade Talks

October '19

ACOs Now Rebranded AS ICOs As NHS England Fragments!

February '19

Labour Attacks Tory NHS Privatisation Costing 120,000 Deaths!

Seventeen Medical Procedures And Interventions No Longer Funded By NHS England

January '19

NHS Campaigners Ask Supreme Court To Review Dubious Appeal Court Ruling On New
Cost-Cutting NHS Contract

The Naylor Report - Asset Stripping of NHS Property and Land

The Naylor Report - The Truth Of NHS Property Privatisation

November '18

Virgincare Pays No Taxes Whilst Profiting From The NHS

March '18


NHS Land And Property Sell-Off Explained In Ten Minutes



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