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NHS Privatisation News Archive

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Sep' 21

GP Sets Up Petition Against The Abolition Of The NHS

Aug '21

Further Fragmentation Of The NHS – This Time Patient Data

July '21

Can We Expect Labour To Oppose The Americanisation And Privatisation Of The NHS?

Experienced NHS Boss Takes Over From Simon Stevens As NHS Chief

How The Health And Care Bill Abolishes The NHS

Unnecessary Healthcare Procedures And Prescribing Practices Risk Patient Care In USA

Leading Award Winning Doctor Warns This Is The End Of The NHS

BMA Voice Of NHS Doctors Condemns Health And Care Bill

Health And Social Care (Destruction Of The NHS) Bill Documents Published

The NHS Destruction Bill Gets Second Reading In Parliament Tomorrow

NHS Abolition Bill Now Published

NHS Patient Payment Services Credit Card Back On

This Bill Is The Last Act In The Destruction Of Our NHS Say Cheshire & Merseyside NHS Campaigners

NHS Abolition Bill Gets Second Reading In Parliament Tomorrow

NHS Abolition Bill Goes To Parliament Next Week

June '21

We Want Our NHS Back - Zoom Meeting Monday 28th June

NHS Digital Private Medical Records Steal Is Postponed Until September

Petition Against Data Grab Of NHS Patients Private Medical Records

Matt Hancock Instructs GP’s To Hand Over Your Private Medical Records

Richard Branson’s Virgincare Given Seat On ICS Board Deciding On
Local NHS Healthcare

NUJ Condemns Government Legislation Allowing Private Healthcare Companies On ICS Boards

Your Private Medical Records Are NOT Safe InThe Hands Of NHS England

May '21

Patients Take Legal Action Against American Health Insurance Company
Take-Over Of Their GP Practises

Queens Speech 11th May 2021 Promises Legislation To Abolish The NHS

Architect Of NHS Transformation To The American Integrated Care Systems Model
Quits As NHS Head In July

All NHS Imaging Services To Be Privatised By Order Of NHS England

April '21

The Abolition Of The NHS And Introduction Of Insurance Based Healthcare In England

Our NHS Is Being Abolished Now!

March '21

Labour MP Wirral West Tables EDM Highlighting Tory NHS Privatisation Plans

Privatisation Of NHS England Boost As Top US Healthcare CEO Hired

US Healthcare Companies Gaining Further Hold On GP NHS Contracts

Break-up OF NHS England Into 42 Integrated Care Systems Completed Announces Stevens

February '21

CWU Responds To NHS England Breakup Consultation Document With Condemnation

January '21

National Pensioners Convention Lambasts Break-Up Of NHS Into Integrated Care Systems Consultation As A “Meaningless Exercise”

December '20

Covid Excuse For Johnson's Secret Task Force Of Private Healthcare Heads To Re-Organise The NHS

Government Employs US Tech Firms To Play Long Term Role In NHS Privatisation

Public Consultation On The Immediate Future Of The NHS NOT Announced!

November '20

Johnson’s Secret NHS Task Force Headed By Anti-NHS Policy Head Revealed

Sepetember '20

NHS To Be Replaced By Regional Integrated Care Organisations From April 2021

August '20

Breakdown Of Leaked Documents Betray Fact That NHS Is Well And Truly 'On The Table'
Despite Trump's Denial

April '20

Is PHE England's Downgrading Of PPE Policy Copied From US Healthcare Company?

December '19

Breakdown Of Leaked Documents Betray Fact That NHS Is Well And Truly 'On The Table' Despite Trump's Denial

Labour Attacks Tory NHS Privatisation Costing 120,000 Deaths!

November '19

Leaked Trade Papers Show NHS, Chlorinated Chicken Already On Table In US Trade Talks

October '19

ACOs Now Rebranded AS ICOs As NHS England Fragments!

February '19

Labour Attacks Tory NHS Privatisation Costing 120,000 Deaths!

Seventeen Medical Procedures And Interventions No Longer Funded By NHS England

January '19

NHS Campaigners Ask Supreme Court To Review Dubious Appeal Court Ruling On New
Cost-Cutting NHS Contract

The Naylor Report - Asset Stripping of NHS Property and Land

The Naylor Report - The Truth Of NHS Property Privatisation

November '18

Virgincare Pays No Taxes Whilst Profiting From The NHS

March '18


NHS Land And Property Sell-Off Explained In Ten Minutes

Feb '18

ACOs Now Rebranded AS ICOs As NHS England Fragments!

Despite Judicial Reviews And NHS England Consultations ACO Developments Continue In North West

Judicial Review Of ACO Backdoor Privatisation Of NHS

NHS Turned Into Limited Companies And Clinical Staff Transferred Out

Tories Refuse To Rule Out Inclusion Of The NHS In UK/US Trade Deal

Jan '18

Transformation Of NHS Into American Healthcare System To Be Challenged In Court

Labour MP Calls For Full Parliamentary Scrutiny Of NHS Transformation Into US Accountable Care Organisations

Dec '17

NHS Transformation Into US System Begins April '18

Nov '17

Only Stopping Brexit Can Now Save The NHS From Americanisation In Future US Trade Deals

July '17

Calls To 999 Now Only Classed As Emergency If You Have Stopped Breathing!

June '17

Theresa May Admits To Andrew Neil She Will Asset Strip The NHS

May '17

Your Medical Data Is Not Safe With The NHS -  It Was Always Going To Be A Computer Virus Victim

Mar '17

NHS Demonstration Attended By 200,000 People

Feb '17

Is This The Beginning Of The End For NHS GP Surgeries?

Mar '16

NHS Leaders See Brexit Having A Positive Impact On Privatisation of The NHS

Sep '16

Hidden New Plans By Tories To Sell Your Private Medical Records Uncovered

Aug '15

Labour Peer Supports Government Inquiry Into Moving To Pay Per Use NHS

Apr '15

Sale Of Your Private NHS Health Records Stalled By Opt Out Register Failure

Pic: NHS US Vutlure

Dec '14

NHS Changes Continue To Bear Gifts For The Private Sector

Nov '14

The NHS Is Actually Being Abolished By Stealth - The Evidence On Film

TUC Asks: Will You Ask Your MP To Back A New Bill To Save Our NHS?

Oct '14

The Trade Deal That Outlaws Government Legislating On Health, Safety And The NHS

UNITE Warn That Privatisation Of The NHS Will Be Unreversable Under TTIP

Tory Admit Mistake In Privatisation Of NHS

Aug '14

NHS Privatisation Via Private Healthcare Companies Contract Awards Continues

Apr '14

News Report Confirms Lansley Lied About Privatisation Of The NHSNews Report Confirms Lansley Lied About Privatisation Of The NHS

Charging Patients For Health Care Would Be An NHS Poll Tax

Mar '14

Pic: Who runs GP servic es report - click to downloadLabour Party Lord Calls To End Free Healthcare From The NHS

Opting Out Of Your Private Medical Data Harvesting By Government

Hundreds Of Thousands Petitioners Cause Delay To Role Out Of Care.data Medical Records Harvesting

Feb '14

Liberty Object To NHS Medical Records Harvesting And Sell-Off

Harvesting Of Your NHS Patient Personal Data For Sale Begins In Two Weeks!

US Healthcare Companies Circling The NHS Are Now “On Notice”, Says TUC

Oct '13

US Healthcare Boss To Be Appointed Chief Executive Of NHS England Next Year

Sept '13

GPs Ordered To Provide Patient Records For Sale To Private Health Companies

Apr '13

April 24th 2013: The Day The NHS Was Privatised

Labour Urges Lords To Halt NHS Funeral And Burial

Crawling From Camberwell Green To Downing St In Protest At Privatisation Of NHS

Last Chance To Halt The NHS Privatisation And Funeral On 24th April

Americanisation Of Health Care Nearer As NHS Charging Being Considered

Mar '13

TUC Warn Of The Imminent Privatisation Of The NHS Asking You To Write To The Lords

The Face Of Future Tragedies In A Privatised NHS?

Feb '13

TUC Urgent Call For Action In Opposing NHS Competition Regulations

The Final Nail In The NHS Coffin Hammered In By New Regulations




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NHS Patient Payment Services Credit Card Application Form

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