2023-10-10 12:23

Can A Life Jacket Help Save Your Mental Health?

On this day of World Mental Health dedication, organisations across the UK, and indeed the world; are busy changing the public perspective of suicide to one of understanding and supporting one another's mental health and to help prevent suicide.

One such charity organisation that is based on the concept of suicide prevention, is Life Jacket.

Working with R;pple Suicide Prevention Charity, The Life Jacket is a unique charity with a project that immediately catches the eye and clearly puts over the message of not only suicide prevention, but general support for those with mental health issues.

They are working with organisations, alliances, universities and schools to reduce the number of lives lost to suicide through collective, preventative action. On the launch of The Life Jacket, they placed 17 jackets in locations around the UK - from urban city streets to parks to offices to countryside stiles. Each jacket dedicated to someone who has tragically lost their life to suicide. This in remembrance of the 17 lives lost on a daily basis to suicide.

The Life Jacket website explains:

Every Life Jacket starts life as a blank canvas. It’s left in public and private spaces and we encourage people to add a message of hope, advice or lived experience. Below you can see some of the stories that have been added to jackets that are already out in the world.

The idea is simple: The life jacket is a blank canvas upon which any member of the public finding one, is encouraged to write upon it a short message. It can be their own story of mental health crisis, supporting words to help suicide prevention, or simply one sending love and support.

Turn someone's life around is the simple yet powerful aim of this project.

For the full story, go to the Life Jacket website here


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