2023-08-14 11:51

Introduce A Suicide Prevention Act To Seek To Minimise Suicides

This is the headline of a very important petition on the Government's Petition website.

Highlighting the fact that NHS mental health services are inadequate when it comes to suicide prevention, the petition calls for a law to:

Create a National Suicide Prevention Office

- Require suicide prevention plans, frameworks and training for public and private organisations
- Support statutory local suicide prevention partnerships
- Enable sharing of data on suicide deaths/attempts
- Require suicide prevention impact assessments for new legislation and policies
- Require lived experience input in developing suicide prevention plans and policies
- Establish dedicated crisis support and community support hubs
- Create provisions to tackle loneliness and social isolationImage: UK Gov Petition - click to go to website to sign
- Require the teaching of suicide prevention in schools
- Amend building regulations to 'design out' suicide risks
- Establish dedicated trauma and loss counselling

and one of the most important elements of the new law:

- Require RIDDOR reporting for suspected suicides and psychological injuries at work

You can sign this petition by clicking on the image above right.

Source: Mark Holt / Government Petitions


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