2023-11-13 16:11

Mental Health Foundation Wants Your Positive Mental Health Images - Win Up To £600

We're launching a positive mental health photo library, and we need your help! says the Mental Heslth Foundation, whilst at the same ttime as offering up to £600 to encourage those camera-shy to put aside their fear of the camera lens in order to help change the media imagery of Mental health. Their message of encouragement explains why they are doing this:

"We’ve found that many of the images used online or in the media for content related to mental health are unrepresentative and unrealistic, and we think this contributes to mental health stigma.

We’re creating a freely available library of images that represent real people looking after their mental health, and you don’t need to be a professional to take part."

So what are they looking for?

Your own, high-quality images around the kind of things people do to look after their mental health. In particular:
• Physical exercise and movement
• Nature
• Connection
• The workplace
• Creativity

What you could win

All submissions will be entered into a prize draw to win vouchers. Including two £500 prizes, and a £100 pound prize for each category.

Deadline For Your Photo Entry?

Submit your images before 11.59pm on Sunday 10 December 2023 to be entered into our prize draw and competition. Clic on the image below to submit your photo:

Image: Mental Health Foundation logo

T&Cs apply, please visit our web page for more information. 

Source: MFH

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