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The MHN brings you the latest information on the work by the network organisers and members.

This is also a place for those wishing to share their personal struggles and experiences.

Video Messages of Hope 2022

Support and encouragement and knowing you are not alone to suffer in silence, is a key priority for those working as CWU Mental health First Aiders and indeed for anyone concerned about a colleague, friend or family member.

Video messages of hope are a powerful way to support and encourage those struggling with mental health issues.

Watch here

New Documents Added To The MHN E-Library

Today additional documents have been added to the Mental Health Network E-Library. They are available to download from the 'password protected' area of this website, and contain Quiet Room Posters and document template on risk assessment for a mental health condition known as Psycosis, Mania or Schizoaffective Disorder. You can go to the E-library here

Well-Being Workshops For Men Free From 3rd November

Wellbeing Workshops CIC is a not- for profit organisation which aims to embed a culture of happiness and health throughout the community. They work with all ages to explore what wellbeing means to them and equip participants of their workshops with the skills, knowledge and understanding required to live a happy and healthy life.

More information here

MHFA World Mental Health Day 2022 Newsletter

CWU's Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) are there in workplaces to help and support their colleagues, from just being a friendly listener to being able to suggest sources of help for mental health difficulties being endured by workplace colleagues.

CWU MHFA James Morgan based in Birkenhead D.O. has issued a Health & Safety Newsletter for World Mental Health Day 2022 to all his workplace colleagues, providing them with information and sources of advice. You can read and download it here

World Mental Health Day 2022 - 10th October

Today is a day on which we focus on mental health across the world, and especially on our local communities, and on our family, friends and loved ones. Mental health is a major issue on the UK now brought on by years of austerity and culminating in the economic crisis we are now facing in this country.

Full details and new Sway Document can be read here


New Document Supporting Ex-Army Personnel

With many ex-army personnel now being recruited into the Royal Mail Group, Jamie McGovern from the NW CWU NW Regional Mental Health Network has produced a new document explaining the Armed Forces Covenant and what it is.

Details here

World Suicide Prevention Day 2022 - 10th September 2022

Suicide is a Global Issue and it's prevention is of paramount importance to those who's lives are blighted with such mental health misery that they feel their only answer is to take their own lives.

Full news item here

World Suicide Prevention Day 2022 Support From
North West CWU Mental Health Network

Support for the event and the prevention of suicide is a key moment for the MHN as this year's WSPD is on this coming Saturday.

Video and posters, plus support signposting can be accessed here

July's Mental Health Blog - Nikki Booth

The CWU North West Mental Health Network invite you to read this month’s Mental health blog.

This blog relays the impact of the pandemic on our forgotten heroes’ and heroines of the pandemic: our cleaning colleagues.

We ask our North West Region CWU members from all grades to Please respect your cleaning colleagues and Respect their fight for a deserved pay rise, they have undoubtedly saved lives during the pandemic and stopped a much worse spread of a deadly virus in many, many workplaces.

‘Touch point’ deep cleaning, ‘Quarantine cleaning’, ‘Covid outbreak cleaning’, contaminated PPE disposal along with ‘first respondent’ cleaning at the very height of the Covid 19 pandemic was the outstanding work service they gave.

This work service placed them in the very highest level of vulnerability and risk. Solidarity and Respect to each and every one of them.

Their fight is our fight!

Read Nikki's Blog, Everyone Has Value here

All We Have To Do Is Keep Talking!

The story of one of the NW CWU Mental Health First Aiders working in Warrington DO. In her own words, Alison Banks writes about her experience helping colleagues at her workplace.

Read her story here

Mental Health Support Awareness Calendar 2022

Support for those with mental health challenges, support is not a once a year requirement, but is something that is often far more constant.

A calendar of awareness activities being held throughout the year has been produced by the NW Mental Health Network.

You can access it here in Word format and also as a PDF file to download here

CWU Member Chris Evans Shares His Personal Struggle

For many the opportunity to share their personal situation, experiences, and struggles with mental health problems, can be a source of comfort in the thoughts that in doing so; they may be able to help others in a similar position.

Chris decided to make a video just prior to going to the CWU's annual conference in April this year.

You can watch his candid and emotional video here

CWU North West Region -Time To Talk Day 3rd February 2022

Time to Talk Day is the nation’s biggest mental health conversation and it’s taking place TODAY! It’s the day that friends, families, communities, and workplaces come together to talk, listen and change lives.

Full details in the Sway Document here Watch the Time To Talk Day Video here

Beehives And Flowers Brighten Up The Workplaces Says Diane

From going to work and entering a depressing work site, to the beauty of flowers and Bee Hives! That is the work of one Diane whose inspiration was to provide her work colleagues with a picturesque scene when coming to work everyday. A boost to your mental health say many.

Read her story here

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