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Updated Union Safety Reps Brown Book Bible Now Available

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New guidance has been launched by the HSE on workers representation and involvement in health and safety, whilst at the same time the HSE website pages regarding workers involvement have also been updated.

At the October '08 launch both the Health and Safety Minister Lord McKenzie and HSE Chair Judith Hackitt spoke strongly in support of Trade Union Safety Representatives and the benefits of better safety standards provided by actively involved Safety Reps.

They also stressed the need for Employers to comply with the Law requiring consultation and involvement.




The '6 Pack' Essential Reading

A number of statutory instruments, following EU health & safety legislation, known as the "six pack" came into force.

They came into effect in Britain in 1992, after six European Directives, collectively known as the 'six-pack', were issued by the European Commission.

The individual books deal with the following legislation, and are featured left to right, with a link to HSE books where the specific book can be ordered:


Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (HSE Books) , Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare)

(HSE Books), Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (HSE Books) , Manual Handling

Operations Regulations
(HSE Books) , Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations (HSE Books)

and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (HSE Books).

Amended H&S legislation applicable to the above can be found in:

The Health and Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2002


Slips Trips and Falls Guidance For Contact Centres

Click to download PDF versionThe HSE have issued new guidance written with input from the NW BTU H&S Co-ord's CWU members, Lee Davies & Chris Ingram.

Working as part of the North West Contact Centres Project they looked at contact centres slips and trips issues and developed the guidance document which was then put together by the project manager Neil Turner and Chris Ingram. The guidance has also been issued to all CWU branches by CWU's H&S Dept in LTB532/07



Health, Work and Wellbeing - ACAS

Click here to donwload pdf bookletAhead of Depression Awareness Week (21st To 26th April), ACAS has produced a booklet dealing with mental health, musculoskeletal disorders and stress.

The 36 page booklet in PDF format can be downloaded by clicking on the pic.











Women and Occupational Health

Click here to download pdf document
A detailed report commissioned by the World Health Organisation.

Details the issues facing women at work and addresses the lack of understanding of women's needs in the workplace and challenges the myth that health and safety is not gender based.

click the pic to download the document in pdf format.


Health and Safety Guide for Disabled Workers


Click to download guideThe HSE has launched new disability health and safety guidance, intended to promote good practice in disability equality at work and health and safety risk assessment.

Additionally guidance in the form of a pdf document, written by the Disability Rights Commission and the HSE, has also been launched and is available for download from the E-Library by clicking on the pic to the left, and selecting category 'Discrimination & Diversity'.

The document is in the 'easyread' format ensuring it is accessible to those who are sight impaired and shows how employers and disabled workers can work together to make everyone safer.

You can also access the HSE website disability section here


Lighten The Load - CWU H&S Advice

CWU H&S Advice - Click to downloadThe purpose of this Safe Working On Delivery Guide is to help ensure the risks to health and safety on Delivery work are properly controlled and to achieve a reduction in accidents at work, stress and ill health within Royal Mail Letters Delivery in order that fewer numbers of members get hurt as they go about their daily business and can perform their walk more effectively.








HSE Guidance On Office Safety


Click the pic to download or viewThe HSW has produced a booklet on safety in office environments.

Useful for all USRs who have office based working environments within their remit.

This booklet can be downloaded direct from here by clicking the pic.







New Guide from HSE on sick Absence


HSE Guide on Sick Absence

HSE have issued a new guide aimed at Union Safety Reps and other Trade Union reps to help them prevent sick absence turning into job loss.

Under the hading of 'Working Together' this 11 page booklet can be downloaded here.

Remember: Trade Union members are entitled to a discount on TUC prices


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