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Elderly Now Forced To Pay TV License Fees As Evidence Shows Detrimental Effect Upon Pensioners Mental Health

Hazards Campaign Calls For Government Adopting Zero-Covid19 Policy Or The Resignation Of The Prime Minster

Dog Awareness - ATLAS System Now Being Introduced In North Wales

New Diversity And Equality Campaign Includes Important Health & Safety Advice

Four Years And No Justice For Victims Of Shredmet Corporate Killing

Correct Setting Up Of Equipment For Working From Home

Tory Gov Risking A Second Wave Of Covid-19 Even Before Winter By Effectively Ending Social Distancing In Britain

Keep Your Distance: Is Two Metres Too Far Or Not Far Enough?

Only North West Health & Safety Training Education Centre To Close After 50 Years!

Derek Maylor Discusses Poly-fluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS)

Government's 'Take Back Control' Paranoia Puts UK Out In The Cold In Search For Covid-19 Vaccine

TUC Issures A Damning Covid-19 Report Into Employers Treatment Of Mums And Pregnant Women Workers

UK Pesticide Standards Could Be Slashed In UK/US Trade Deals Threatening Public
Health And The Environment

Prospect Poll Finds Workers Want In Person Spot-Checks Rather Than Telephone
Checks By HSE

Hazards Campaign Research Into Workplace Conditions During Covid-19 Pandemic

UK Gov Appoints New Trade Commissioners That You Never Voted For

Trade Agreements With The USA Already Signed By UK

What Does A Trump Trade Deal With The UK Mean?

Derek Maylor CWU H&S Officer Merseyside Warns Of Covid 19 Scams

Hazards Campaign Advise On The Information You Need Before Returning To Work

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  • Medical Records: Confidentiality and medical reports - TUC Guidance for Safety Representatives. Download here
  • Understanding Stress: Co-ord member John Southwell, discusses Stress defines it, and looks at the negative and positive aspects of stress. Read his essay here
  • NW BTU H&S Co-ordinator's Reports: Your health and safety co-ordinators in the North West write many reports and review numerous documents throughout the year. Additionally, they attend a number of Health & Safety events. You can read their reports on a number of key subjects/events here
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