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NHS Doctor Issues Warning On Covid Misinformation And Media Control
Of The Truths Of Pandemic

Covid Excuse For Johnson's Secret Task Force Of Private Healthcare Heads
To Re-Organise The NHS

Public Consultation On The Immediate Future Of The NHS NOT Announced!

NHS To Be Replaced By Regional Integrated Care Organisations From April 2021

Johnson’s Secret NHS Task Force Headed By Anti-NHS Policy Head Revealed

TUC Report: Impact Of Covid-19 And Brexit On The UK Economy

RMT At Forefront Of Major Disputes To Come Over Long Hours And Worker
Fatigue Risk To Life

Government Employs US Tech Firms To Play Long Term Role In NHS Privatisation

Rushed School Covid Plans Could See Untrained Staff Pressured To Perform Medical Procedures

GMB Union Member Sacked Following Knife Attack And Raising Safety Concerns

Hilda Palmer Named Most Influential Person In Health & Safety For 2020

UK Law Change Protects Pfizer From Legal Action If Covid Vaccine Causes Harm

All Party Parliamentary Group On Covid Interim Report Available From E-Library

Covid-19 Vaccine Update From CWU

Royal Society Of Medicine COVID-19 Series Virtual Meeting Report

UK Medicines Regulator Gives Approval For First UK COVID-19 Vaccine

Asbestos - Still Killing Workers Says November Conference

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