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Queens Speech 11th May 2021 Promises Legislation To Abolish The NHS

42 Autonomous Privately Run Integrated Care Systems to replace national healthcare services

The final piece of legislation to ensure the NHS is not only fully privatised and run by american based healthcare model of Integrated Care Systems, formerly called Accountable Care Organisations, will be announced on 11th May 2021 by the Queen for the next session of parliament.

Whilst the BBC and other news outlets failed to mention the NHS at all in it's bulletins, the direct reference to the NHS Bill 2021 was made in the speech written for the Queen by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the UK Parliament website has published the actual speech:

"My Ministers will bring forward legislation to empower the NHS to innovate and embrace technology. Patients will receive more tailored and preventative care, closer to home [Health and Care Bill]. Measures will be brought forward to support the health and wellbeing of the nation, including to tackle obesity and improve mental health. Proposals on social care reform will be brought forward."

This is a very vague and bland statement, which the media is ignoring totally as it did with the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

The speech does not say 'abolish the NHS', of course. But, the truth of the aims of the new legislation, is not lost to those within the media and campaign groups wanting to save the NHS from being abolished and replaced with an American healthcare model based on their Integrated Care Systems and Accountable Care Organisations which in fact are a total failure. On reading the proposals in detail, they know that abolishing the NHS for a private controlled and eventual insurance based healthcare system; is the ultimate aim of this Troy Government and the outgoing CEO of NHS England, Simon Stevens.

He said earlier last week, there was no reason why the NHS Bill 2021 legislation cannot become law by April 2022.

Prior to joining NHS England, Sir Simon had held various roles for the Minnesota-based United Health Group, including executive vice president, but was best known in the NHS as a highly influential adviser to Tony Blair from 2001 to 2004, and before that to Labour health secretaries Frank Dobson and Alan Milburn.

In his early career, he worked as a general NHS manager within mental health services in North Tyneside and Northumberland, before becoming a group manager at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospitals in London. He was a friend of Boris Johnson when they both attended Balliol College, Oxford, at the same time.

Pic: NHS Bill 2021 Briefing paper - click t downloadOnce this new healthcare Bill becomes law, the NHS will no longer run healthcare in England, and the 42 privately run systems will take over and determine what services are provided, by which private companies, at the cheapest rate and based on the need to make profit.

The groundwork is then set for them to eventually remove major healthcare services available to the general population of each autonomous ICS, and make them only available to those with private medical insurance.

NHS patient data will be shared by these 42 ICS and will allow local authorities, private healthcare businesses and the ICS board, and to be viewed by individual members of the board and local authorities. This will also mean the database of patients in their area can then easily be passed on to healthcare insurance providers and eventually, the imposition of the US system of healthcare being based on insurance policies paid for by patients, along with their national insurance contributions.

Tax payers funding will go directly to these privately run enterprises and the complete fragmentation of a national service providing healthcare to everyone will have been completed, without any objection by the people of England!

From then on your taxes and national insurance contributions will fund 100% a private healthcare service in England.

Given that this will all be enshrined in law, separate legislation which does not require going before parliament can then be introduced, making it almost impossible for these changes to be reversed.

The problem is that it is unlikely that the Labour Party will oppose this legislation and save the NHS, simply because they think that merely holding the government to account with regard to the system being better for patients; they are ignoring the involvement and control being given to the private sector.

The record to date of John Ashton, Keir Starmer and Labour MPs, many of whom have personal interests in private healthcare companies; has been abysmal. Further they have refused to alert the public to the continuous take-over by private american and uk based healthcare organisations.

Indeed following an email sent by this website's editor to his local Labour MP on Merseyside, whilst a speedy reply was received; no mention of the privatisation elements within the new legislation being proposed was made. Ignoring the major tenet of the email he wrote.

A preview of just what the NHS Bill 2021 will mean and why it is being seen by many doctors, nurses and ancillary workers as the end of the NHS publically funded and run by the state; and being replaced with locally diverging postcode lottery healthcare services and determined by private healthcare companies which will run these ICS in place of the NHS.

The briefing document written by Deborah Harrington, Helen Beetham and Sue MaDhews from Public Matters website of Public Citizen UK; has this clear statement of concern in it's preface:

'Public Matters has a long standing concern that there has been little in the policy domain to question or challenge the reshaping of the NHS under Stevens’ leadership and, indeed, over most of the last 30 years.

In the case of Stevens this appears to come from an unwillingness to challenge his contention that he speaks ‘for the NHS itself’. High profile think tanks such as the King’s Fund and the Nuffield Trust have been involved over time in lobbying for the NHS to learn how to reshape itself from US Medicare providers, in particular Kaiser Permanente, the Veteran’s Association and the Spanish Valencia system, itself owned by the Centene Corporation and based
on the US model. Their briefings and reports therefore reinforce the view that NHS England is pursuing.

We acknowledge that there has always been a close cultural and political relationship between the USA and the UK.
Indeed for many years it was characterised as the ‘special relationship’.

However, even the most glancing knowledge of American healthcare, characterised by journalist, Walter Cronkite, as ‘Not health, not care, and not a system’ shows it to have few characteristics in common with the NHS.

Indeed the character of the NHS is uniquely British. It is an ‘exceptionalism’ which Simon Stevens has said must come to an end, as arguably it has with ‘Integrated Care’.

This briefing asks whether this is genuinely the intention of our legislators and whether it would have public support were it better known and gives recommendations for a more measured approach.'

This document was sent to local MPs and this website urges all readers to send a copy to their local MP.

It is well known that the majority of MPs voting for the Health and Social Care Act 2012, hadn't fully understood the complexity of that legislation, and had failed to even read House of Commons Library briefings before voting on the legislation. They merely followed the party whip on the matter and never even discussed it with their constituents.

Use this wbesite to contact your local MP: https://members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP

The British Medical Association (BMA) have made it clear that their criteria required in order to support the Integrated Care Systems is as follows:

Perhaps the current lack of any public concern being stated by the Labour leader Keir Starmer and Jonathon Ashworth, Labour's Shadow Healthcare Secretary; shows they are fully aware and are in support of the NHS reforms, currently embraced by Andy Burnham ex-Labour Shadow Health Secretary before becoming Mayor of Greater Manchester. He set up the first major model of integrated care, along with Wirral Borough Council; both involving private and American healthcare companies. Both the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and Merseyside and Cheshire Health And Social Care Partnership; are despite denials, Integrated Care Systems by another name.

For that reason, don't rely on the Labour Party to oppose the NHS Bill 2021.

Source: The Lowdown / Public Citizen / Defend Our NHS / BMA / HSJ / NHS For Sale? / Greater Manchester and Mersysde & Cheshire health care partnerships / unionsafety.

See for further information about NHS privatisation: NHS Privatisation News Archive


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