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IWMD 2023 Fights For Living - Liverpool Events Highlights Threat To Women's Health

The IWMD annual event is a call to "Remember the Dead. Fight for the living." and as such the campaign on Merseyside to save the Liverpool Women's Hospital is a serious reminder of how the local Cheshire and Merseyside Integrated Care Board are intending to cut as many hospitals on Merseyside and the Wirral as possible.

In closing the world renowned Liverpool Women's Hospital and transferring it to the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital, women and their baby's lives will be at risk say the campaigners.

The last meeting of the Cheshire and Merseyside Board took place in New Brighton, the minutes of whucg have still not been made public! It traanspires that the meeting was cut short because of the Save Liverpool Women's Hospital campaigners outside demonstating with full public support.

There is absolutely NO PUBLIC Accountability practised by the ICB with no consultation of any meaning having been put to thed poeple of Merseyside and Cheshire about the plans to cut the nuber of Hospitals in the ICB covered area!

Tens of thousands of NHS funding has been used by the ICB to engage private consultants to look at how to cut the number of hopsitals, including the Liverpool Women's Hospital.

The campaign to save the hospital contunues as the IWMD 2023 Liverpool meeting at the Racquet Club were advised by a member of the campaign committee, Leslie, who advised people of an event taking place on 7th October 2023.

The March will go from the Liverpool Women's Hospital to the Labour Party Conference, with NHS campaigners across the country being invited to attend. You can go to the campaign website for full details and facts around the campaign by clicking the image of Jamie holding the leaflet concerning their March For The NHS, above.

Source: Unionsafety

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