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IWMD2023 Liverpool - Best Photo!

Not that we had an official photo competition of course!

But our good friend and supporter, Mark D Holt CWU North West Regional Health & Safety Forum Lead Officer has taken what is probably one of the best photos taken of the Liverpool Waterfront, and we must applaud his work!

The photograph highlights the campaign run by the CWU in the North West to have public buildings and landmarks lit up in purple every International Workers Memorial Day in order to bring the day we remember those killed by their work; to the public's attention.

With work-related deaths in the order of more than 53,000 people in the last 12 months, as estimated by Hazards Campaign, the official figures published by the HSE are totally giving a false picture of the state of health & safety at work in the UK!

But the reason for the low official figures as that this number doesn’t include the hundreds of workers who have died because of Covid infections they contracted in the workplace, because there is no obligation for employers to report them to the enforcement agency, or for them to be investigated or employers to be prosecuted and are not recorded.

The same can be said of work-related suicide, which sadly is on the increase as stress of work and cost of living creates a vacuum of hopelessness for far too many workers in the UK.

The HSE ignores this completely and has responded negatively to including work-related suicides at all as part of its investigating responsibilities and as part of the statistics of death at work in this country.

Source: Mark D Holt / Hazards / Unionsafety

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