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Private Healthcare Companies Who Pay The Piper, Play The NHS Privatisation Tune?

Ever since and probably before Tony Blair was Labour Party leader, MPs from all parties have been taking 'bribes' ... sorry, Donations from private healthcare companies. No wonder that the private healthcare companies were aloud into the NHS, initially to help with the patient backlog caused by the Tories 18 years of destruction of the NHS under one Maggie Thatcher!

However, they never left the NHS, and now have taken over hundreds of GP surgeries across the country, and providing nearly all of the NHS Diagnostic Services, MRI/CTI/X-ray as a result of a Tory Government contract to provide these services as opposed to the NHS.

Furthermore, the total dishonesty of the Government and NHS England, means no ne knows who is treating them - the NHS or a private healthcare company using the NHS logo to falsify the image that they are in fact the NHS!

After various Labour MPs slagging of Jeremy Corbyn and his claims that Johnson was having talks with Donald Trump about US healthcare companies taking over the NHS, who was correct all along as this website previously reported; the lobbying and payments to MPs from private healthcare companies has increased.

Whilst Labour claims that the 'NHS is safe with Labour', NHS anti-privatisation groups and supporters of the NHS question this statement given the numbers of Labour MPs and Lords taking funding from American and British healthcare companies.

The facts are now evident and always has been if one takes a look at the list of declared MP interests hosted by Parliament.

In the case of healthcare in the UK, such declared interests are in reality 'vested interests' and to many NHS patients and supporters; actually constitutes a 'conflict of interest'

It also begs the question:

Why would Labour end NHS privatisation and stop the money being paid to those MPs who have been compromised by taking funding from those who wish to abolish the NHS and turn it into the American system of healthcare denial and the greatest cause of mortgage defaults in the US due to the costs of hospital and GP treatments?

image: NHS Privatisation Map - click to go to Everydoctor websiteEveryDoctor is an organisation made up of Doctors working in the NHS who are now convinced by what they experience every day, that the NHS will not survive without major changes to legislation and the abandonment of allowing even more private companies to take over healthcare service provision in the NHS.

They now provide a 'map of NHS privatisation' which lists not only those NHS services being run by private healthcare companies, but also the vested interests of MPs who take funding from private healthcare companies.

The information they use is taken from the Register Of Member's Interests held by the Parliamentary administration.

Everydoctor explains on their website:

All MPs are required to complete an entry in each year’s Register of Members’ Interests (the “Register”). 

The purpose of the entry, according to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, is to:

‍“…provide information about any financial interest which a Member has, or any benefit which he or she receives, which others might reasonably consider to influence his or her actions or words as a Member of Parliament.” [Emphasis added]

They must also update the Register if any changes occur. 

Looking at the Labour Party who insist the NHS is safe in their hands, The 'Register' gives a different picture!

Wes Streeting MP Labour Party's Shadow Health Secretary took £193,725 over 3 years from private health companies, both UK and US based, according to EveryDoctor’s interactive map.

More importantly he is NOT alone in being an MP and member of the Shadow Cabinet earning money from American and British private healthcare companies!

Here is the fine detail:

inage wes streetingimage: click to enlageWes Streeting, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary Constituency Ilford North

Total Donations: £193,725 over 3 years

According to the BBC News, Streeting will not "shirk" from using private providers to reduce NHS waiting lists which is exactly what Tony Blair did in the 90's.

But, crucially, he did NOT stop there and allowed more and more privatisation of healthcare delivery within the NHS.

The fine details of payments to Streeting, are in the image to the right. Click on it see a larger image easier to read.

So what about the Labour Party leader?

Keir Starmer, Labour Party Leader Constituency Holborn and St Pancras

Total Donations: £170,000 over two years.

The fine details are in the image below. Click on it see a larger image easier to read.

image: click to enlargeThe Labour Leader has refused to say whether or not the principled of an NHS owned by the public and fully paid for from public funds, will be in the next Labour manifesto when the next general election takes place; probably in 2024.

So ask yourself these two questions:

"Does it seem right to you that MPs, who make decisions about the NHS which affect us all, are receiving donations like this?"

"Do you believe after knowing Labour MPs are taking funding from private healthcare companies, that the NHS is in safe hands with a Labour Government?"


Source: BBC news / EveryDoctor / Parliament UK website

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