2024-02-25 16:43

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NHS England Appoints Business Leaders To The Board That Runs The NHS

With the NHS in England being developed into the US System of healthcare denial and the primary aim to make huge profits for private healthcare companies; the latest round of directors to the NHS England Board have been announced as being business leaders!

image: Compare HealthcareBoth the Tories and now Labour are pledging more invovlement with the private heaalthcare secctor, and more running the service as a business with aim of maximising profit by denyng healthcare to NHS patients.

Through the use of technology, the needs for visitis to GPs and to Hospitals are being minimised with the aim of making visits to see a human healthcare practitioner; the last resort.

The need for healthcare experts and those with medical history and erducation is becoming less and less, as business takes over the planning and future building of the profit base.

The new Directors announced are:

* Mark Bailie, CEO of price comparison website Compare the Market since 2020, following a career in banking and financial services, including running digital retail services, and was also drafted in during the pandemic to help set up “test and trace”

* Former Conservative MP Jane Ellison, who was minister for public health from 2013-2016, then after losing her seat in 2017 worked as a director of the World Health Organisation until 2022

*Dame Helen Stokes-Lampard, a GP in the West Midlands, and former chair of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and Royal College of GPs

* Sir Robert Lechler, is an eminent academic immunologist, emeritus professor at King’s College London, former dean of King’s Medical School, former director of King’s Health Partners, and a former president of the Academy of Medical Science.

The NHSE said it will also shortly announce two new associate non-executive directors, with expertise in workforce and large systems technology, to help oversee the responsibilities it took on when merged with Health Education England and NHS Digital.

The list pf course includes those responsible for the shocking state of the NHS, with particular failings. A developer of the Covid 'Test and Trace' system which never actually worked, and previously a banker, an ousted ex-Tory MP and failed public health minister in the Tory Government; and a former director of private healthcare company.

It has taken the Department of Health And Social Care over two years after the inititial posts were advertised to appoint these people.

This announcment has not gone down too well, with one cemmentator saying;

'Jane Ellison - come on, someone who was so out of depth in her ministerial position that she makes the current lot look like they are surfing on tidal waves.'

Another said,

'I struggle to accept a Director working at the WHO during the pandemic would be suitable for this role. The WHO were an utter and complete worldwide failure.

And yet another concluded:

'Couldn’t care less, it’s a toxic shambolic organisation. It’s been the ruin of the NHS. Previous Neds [Non-executive directors] have made no difference.

Sorry no time for this lot, ex Tory minster, please.'

Source: Health Services Journal

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