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Labour Don't Support The NHS, They Support 42 Local Health Services Privately Run

Demand from your Labour MP, That Labour in Government, will Repeal the 2012 and 2022 Acts which handed over the NHS to big business and broke it up into 42 Local Health Services, privately run and based on the American model of healthcare.

The refusal of Starmer to repeal the laws which abolished the National Health Service, makes it clear that he is merely "a Tory Red with absolutely no policies that his business cronies haven't promoted or agreed upon!" The soul of the Labour Party in 1948 gave us the National Health Service, but starting in 1997, Labour began the dismantling of the Healthcare system of the uk in England, and will continue to do so until it is fully transformed into a two tier system, under the US health insurance model; if they remain in power for more than one term.

Furthermore, with NHS Trusts and private sector healthcare businesses running healthcare services now in place of the NHS, the reality is that, as in America, hospital scandals and patients deaths will never be admitted to on the basis of 'commercial confidentiality' and without the use of lawyers!

Hospital scandals like those in maternity services recently, and in the contaminated blood scandal, will all be covered by 'commercial confidentiality' as they are in the US.

As such it will mean that justice is not done to pateints suffering from malpractice, avoidable deaths, misdiagnosis by Doctors, Physician Associates and the refusal to supply medical assistance as a result of waiting lists which has led to thousands of avoidable deaths. Commercial Confidentiality is the means by which there will continue to be lack of accountability in our health service once privatised fully.

Whichever way it is looked at, this general election, has only a slim chance of saving the 42 Local Health Services across England from total privatisation, by returning back into a truly 'National Health Service' owned by the people, run by the people, and paid for by the people's taxes.

That chance will only occur if the British people hit the streets and MPs surgeries demanding the repeal of those Acts which the Tories used to destroy it.

Now is the time to do so and before election day on the 4th July.

Whilst the Labour Party's current plans for the NHS match those of the Tories, with more NHS privatisation, more use of mobile phone and digital services to replace seeing your GP and to help self-diagnosis; and an open door policy for private healthcare to take over NHS services; the Party that gave us the NHS is about to take it away!

Streeting is peddling the lie that the private sector has the resouces to help reduce waiting lists. The truth is that not one single private healthcare provider trains their own medical staff, nurses, doctors and surgeons! They all come from the NHS and in the case of cnsultants and surgeons, they are currently working in the NHS, splitting their time between NHS patients and private healthcare services.

The surplus of private healthcare sector resources doe not exist!

So just what should the Labour Party's manifesto say about their NHS policy?

Below is what it SHOULD say, but will not:

image: Keep NHS Public - click for the full leaflet

When you consider that both Wess Streeting and Keir Starmer have taken funding from those involved in lobbying to turn thee NHS into the American system of Healthcare Denial in order to maximise profits for the insurance companies and hospitals and clinics, you can guarantee that the Tory line of the NHS being too costly in its present form; will remain Streeting and Starmer's mantra!

The biggest lie of all is that funding is greater than it ever has been, and that the NHS is too costly has always been that of the Tories, and now Labour.

The realty is that the increased funding has always gone into private healthcare providers ever since 2012.

Hospitals have been closed, GP surgeries closed, Pharmacies closed, whilst the private sector involvement in providing NHS healthcare has vastly grown compared to its pre 2010 levels.


• GPs are under intense pressure and it can be hard to get to see one

• The NHS is no longer always free at the point you need it. Patients now have to pay to access dozens of procedures that have been removed from NHS provision, many of which are clearly beneficial such as earwax removal - this is heightening health inequality

• Important sections of the NHS are no longer publicly provided - they are contracted to the private sector, and this has weakened the public NHS

• The 2012 Health and Care Act has increased a lack of accountability, with decision-making taken from local communities

• Commercial confidentiality prevents public scrutiny of private companies operating within our NHS

• Private hospitals have been shown to be unsafe, despite cherry picking low-risk patients

• Free health care is denied to over 1 million of the population, categorised as‘undocumented’ people (including 200k children) leaving them without access to hospital and mental health care, except immediate emergency treatment.

Source: Keep Our NHS Public / unionsafety/ EveryDoctor

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