2022-09-21 12:33


There are several reasons you may wish to contact the editors of the Mental Health Network's webspace

Your views and opinions on the Mental Health Network's webspace are important to us and will help to ensure the webspace remains appropriate and informative to all your Mental Health Network needs as either a Union Safety Rep, Mental Health Network Member or Mental Health First Aider.

We want this webspace to develope as a way of exchanging support documentation, views and opinions on Mental Health advice, best practice for Mental Health First Aiders and those USRs concerned over mental health support and suicide prevention.

All you need to do is send an email to either of the Mental Health Network webspace editors:

Click the relevent pic to send an email

Clicking the above link should open your email programme or webmail server, depending upon how you have set them up. Alternatively, place pointer over image of person you wish to email, right click and select 'copy email address'and paste email address into a new email manually.


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