Norwich FC Mental Health Video Watched 50 Million Times

Football club Norwich FC produced aa video for World Mental Health Day 2023 highlighting men's mental health and the fact that suicide is one of the biggest killers of men in the UK.

It was made in collaboration with The Samaritans, with this message added to the description of the video on YouTube:

'At times, it can be obvious when someone is struggling to cope. But sometimes the signs are harder to spot. Check in on those around you. For immediate help:

Call 999 Call 111 and select option 2 Call Samaritans for free 24/7 on 116 123'

The video was seen by Kimberley Coulson, a CWU Mental Health First Aider based in New Ferry DO. She shared it on the CWU NW MHN WhatsApp account. In doing so, she wrote: "I’m not sure if anyone has seen this video but it’s really emotional, it’s to do with mental health x" She told Unionsafety that she posted it because "I saw the video and thought it was really important to share as the ending can be very unexpected."

Clearly she was not wrong, and the message behind the video has focused people's minds on the fact that mental health crisis and suicidal thoughts in others is not easily spotted.

This point was made by one of the commentators to the video on YouTube by @DKK1N9:

"The subtle hints of him projecting questions, asking him how he has been, so that maybe he can be asked how he is doing. But also giving his belongings to him before he left, really makes it more emotional and true."

Another added:

"I am not easily moved and usually people think i lack emotion , but this video when it ended made me cry like a baby."

One of the key comments made was poignant with regards to the lack of political support for campaigns to help highlight and prevent suicides, despite the fact that cases of suicide are increasing in the UK:

"How is it that despite billions of pounds of taxpayer money, our government can’t produce something as authentic and meaningful as this. Incredible message, Norwich. Thank you and well done."

Source: Norwich FC / YouTube / FaceBook / Kimberley Coulson


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