2022-09-21 12:33

Beehives And Flowers Sooth Your Mind Before Work

The daunting prospect of walking into a depressing looking work site, does nothing to help those of us who are battling our mental health demons. It is well-known that a walk in a well featured park, or in the countryisde and accessing nature; is a way of distracting your mind from the tolls of everyday anguish that so many face.

So, Diana Swift, a CWU trained Mental Health First Aider, and knwoing this; thought she would bring nature to work with her and help her colleagues mental outlook on the way!

Diana Swift works at at Warrington Rail Terminal, and has gone about transforming the outdoor workspace and importantly helping to improve the well-being of her colleagues in the workplace.

Diana, speaking to Jamie McGovern, explaining what motivated her:

"I started because when entering work it was depressing, and many staff were not happy at the time. I thought a meadow and colour always bring a smile to our faces and also too our minds.

So over the years we have built it up, with staff commenting opon it all the time in a posetive way.

It is amazing how something so easy can transport you somewhere else and make you smile.

The area at the gate will only get better with even more wild flowers sowed and more tree going in to the entrance and outside areas of the building."


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