2022-11-08 10:50

New Document Supporting Ex-Army Personnel

With many ex-army personnel now being recruited into the Royal Mail Group, Jamie McGovern from the NW CWU NW Regional Mental Health Network has produced a new document explaining the Armed Forces Covenant and what it is:

Image: Armed Forces CovenantCompanies can voluntarily sign the corporate Armed Forces Covenant, as Royal Mail and BT Openreach have done, to pledge, to adhere to the key principles outlined above.

There are procedures in place that should be followed once an employee has been identified as
having a disability and is a veteran of the armed forces community.

The document includes contributions from:

Sarah Foster Wood - CWU HS REP/MHFA – (Armed Forces Veteran Royal Military Police)

Marvin Bowers - CWU HS REP/MHFA- (Armed Forces Veteran Kings Regiment- Duke of Lancaster regiment)

Mark Evans - CWU HS REP/MHFA- (CFAV Squadron officer RAF Air cades)

To view this and the list of support services for those having now left the armed forces and needing to cope with major changes which may impact upon their mental health, go to the MHN E-Library here

You can also download the document in its original MS Sway format here


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