2022-09-21 12:33

World Suicide Prevention Day 2022 And Support From
North West CWU Mental Health Network

CWU's NW Regional's Mental Health Network (MHN) has been very busy in preparing for this Saturday's annual World Suicide Prevention Day with resources aimed at highlighting both the day and the issues involved.

Support for those of us suffering mental health problems and concerns, is the sole aim of the MHN.

Area Safety Rep, Jamie McGovern said:

"This year for WSPD we are asking our NW MH Network members to download a workplace poster to display in their chosen workplaces to show that suicidal ideation can affect anyone and there is ‘no normal’ when it comes to who can end up having suicidal thoughts."

He explained:

"This year's artwork for these workplace posters was designed by Michelle Coleman who is the Regional CWU NW LGBTQ+ lead officer"

In closing he added:

"We also want to promote the outstanding work done by the Samaritans and in turn try and raise some much needed funds for the Liverpool Branch of the Samaritans after Rachel Howley presented the work they do to the CWU community at the NW HS Event at The Mechanics institute in July 2022."

The posters are themed and aimed at workers in industries represented by CWU. You can download them in 4 versions (PDF format), which are ideal for printing off to make A4 size posters, by clicking on the images below.

Special thanks go to: Emma Garner ( Assistant regional secretary), Michelle Colman out regional LGBT lead for the drawings and Jamie Mcgovern.

Image: WSPD Poster Delivery Centre/ Office worker Image: WSPD poster engineer

Image: WSPD Poster Call CentreImage: WSPD Poster Delivery Worker

Additional information on each of the posters:

Unionsafety website which hosts the Mental Health Network web pages, covered the whole of the Health and Safety event held on July 2022, the report of which can be accessed here

The event included a presentation from the Merseyside Branch of the Samaritans.


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