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IWMD2023 Liverpool's Memorial Ceremony At Georges Dock Building

Trade Unionists from CWU, Unite, Unison and PCS gathered at the IWMD Memorial on the Eastern Plaza of Georges Dock Building, as they have done in previous years to commemorate those who have been killed due to their work.

But when it comes to the truth of workplace deaths and work-related suicides, Hazards Campaign is far more authoritative than the HSE which has now become a mere audience member when enforcing as it is supposed to do; the H&S legislation of this country!

There was a good turnout of Trade union members from Unite, CWU, PCS and members of the public too.

The ceremony and laying of flowers and wreaths took about 15 minutes and was followed by a s3econd event, as in previous years. This time it was held at the Racquets Club Hotel on Chapel Street.

Below is the event held at 11 am on 28th April, with a minutes silence held in respect of those who have lost their lives because of work:

Hazards Campaign Estimate of Work Related Deaths 2021-2022 puts the number of total of Work related deaths at53,432 - a far higher and accurate figure than that of the HSE's official figures. Based as they are on only RIDDOR reports, which exclude deaths and injuries caused by travel for work,

Work Related Illness resulting in Death

• 52,057 = Work related illness resulting in death

• Deaths from work-related cancers are estimated at approx. 12% (between 8 and 16%) of all cancer deaths = 20,057 including at least 5,000 asbestos cancers which includes mesothelioma and lung cancers – see above

• Deaths from work related heart disease are estimated at 20% of total heart disease deaths. These are due to stress, long hours, dust, fumes and shift work – 20,000

• Deaths from respiratory illnesses which are work related, are estimated between 15-20% of obstructive lung disease deaths – 6,000

• In addition, there are at least the same number of deaths from other work related diseases such as restrictive lung diseases, neurological illness – 6,000

• Total deaths due to occupational illness are not reported by the HSE but estimated by the LFS (Labour Force Survey) at 13,000

• The HSE report 2,544 mesothelioma deaths in 2020. Experts record at least the same number of lung cancers for every mesothelioma death

Source: unionsafety / Hazards

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